Wheel Simulator Maintenance

Posted by Rick Dynek on 22nd Mar 2023


You may have gotten the best wheel simulators for your ride, but even the best isn’t perfect as nothing really lasts forever.  Your wheel simulators may be small in size, but just like everything else that makes up your vehicle, they require considerable TLC if they are to stay around long enough and give your wheels the unique touch that OEM wheels don’t always provide.  Fortunately, maintenance of your wheel simulators doesn’t always require that you bring them to the shop.  You can achieve this through the use of some basic household items.

1. Your wheel simulators are always exposed to a lot of dirt and moisture as they are set very low on the ground.  Use a brush to scrape off any dirt that has built up on your simulators.  For mud and dirt particles that are tougher to scrape off, use a soft cloth instead.

2. Simply brushing or wiping the dirt off your wheel simulators isn’t enough; you still have to bring them back to their shining glory. You can remove any remaining dirt particles with water and soap.  For best results, lather the surface of the simulators in soap and then let the water settle for a minute or two to soften the dirt buildup and make it easier to remove.

3. For chrome wheel simulators, you will have to use sealants in addition to soap and water. This is because chrome surfaces are more susceptible to scratching and other superficial damage. Using sealants will strengthen the chrome plating and give your wheel simulators that factory-fresh shine that is sure to make heads turn.