Why did my Hubcaps / Wheel Covers fall off?

Probably the question we are asked most is "Why did my Hubcap fall off" or Why did my Wheel Cover fall off" While there may be many possibilities probably the most common reason for 2014 is the road conditions we are left with throughout the country. Most affected would be the areas that endured the polar vortex conditions causing our roads to heave and potholes to emerge and deepen by the unusual warming and then extreme cold conditions. What generally happens is that the melting snow, ice, and or rain pours into the cracks and other damage in the road and when we get extreme cold it freezes causing expansion. This expansion tends to create and and or further the damage already existing. Hitting these areas tend to put a great deal of impact on the tires and by shocking both the tire and wheel at higher speeds the wheels tend to flex enough to throw hubcaps and wheel covers as well as bend or crack wheels and rims.