Hubcaps / Wheel Covers Replicas And OEM Parts

Hubcaps/Wheel Covers-Replicas And OEM Parts


If you lose a hubcap or wheel cover do you have to replace it with a original equipment part you got straight from the dealer?


The truth is no you do not have to get an original part from the dealer. Doing this would be expensive. You simply might not have the cash to go this route. The best route to go in this case would be for you to get brand new factory replica wheel cover styles. These come in an assortment of styles and you are going to save a lot of money over getting OEM parts.


Aren't these parts going to look different from the real thing?


A lot of people do not like to buy OEM wheel covers and hubcaps because they have a fear they are not going to look the same as the originals. This line of thinking is completely wrong. When you get replica parts they are going to look exactly the same as originals. Most of the time you are not going to even be able to tell the difference. All you would need to do is make sure you were getting them through a dealer you knew you could trust.


At Hupcaps Unlimited they have all sorts of replica hubcaps and wheel covers and you are going to find that the quality is very good. These parts are not made to look cheap. These parts are made to last and they are going to make your car look just as nice as OEM parts might. All you need to do is make sure you are getting the right part and there would be no issues.


Isn't the amount of wheel cover and hubcap replica parts limited?


When you go through the right dealer you will have access to just about any type you need for whatever car you have or truck. Going through dealers who specialize in any one area is going to make this difficult. At Hubcaps Unlimited this is never going to be a problem. Whatever type of car you have there is going to be a replica hubcap or wheel cover for it. All you have to do is ask. You can also search the website to find what you want.


What if you decide you do not want to go the replica route?


If you do not want to go the replica route then you do not have to. You can actually decide to get used hubcaps and wheel covers that are originals if you want to. These might not be in pristine condition, but they are only going to be a fraction of the cost. There are thousands of used original equipment wheel covers and hubcaps available. Sometimes you might not be able to find what you need in one place, but most of the time you will.


Why it is better to go with a replica over a used OEM hubcap or wheel cover?


Think about how much money you are going to spend to get an OEM wheel cover or hubcap. The price is low, but it is not extremely low based on what type or size you need. If you were to decide to get a replica oftentimes these are going to cost the same as going the used route. So it makes sense in the end to do this because you will have a new part that is going to last longer as compare to a used part that will not look as good.


Knowing what option works best for you is going to help you know where to look in order to ensure you get exactly what you need.