Do you need wheel simulators?

Wheel Simulators


If you want the classy, sleek look of expensive wheels but don’t want the big price tag that comes with them then wheel simulators might be just what you need. A wheel simulator fits over the wheel to improve the look of the rim. This is especially effective on commercial truck rims which may show signs of aging, rust or look weather beaten. While you can get hubcaps for many of these wheels, wheel simulators look better and cost a great deal less.


The History of Wheel Covers


The reason that wheel covers and hubcaps became popular was that wire-spoke wheels started to replace wooden-spoke wheels in the mid-twenties to early thirties. This shift was made because the wire-spoke wheels functioned much better, but there was a problem – people didn’t like the looks of them and they made a whining noise because of the wind passing through them when they went down the road. So, when Cadillac introduced the first authentic wheel cover in 1934, the idea caught on quickly and soon cars could improve their look drastically with just a set of wheel covers.


The Anatomy of the Wheel


There are three basic parts that make up a standard car or truck tire. There is the actual rubber tire that the vehicle rides upon, there is the wheel which has the rubber tire mounted on it, and then there are sometimes wheel coverings like hubcaps to protect the wheel and improve the look of them. The problem is that first, hubcaps don’t usually cover up the entire wheel; they just cover up the “hub,” or center part where the lug nuts lie. Second, wheel covers and hubcaps are usually fairly expensive, and that’s especially true if you want a really good-looking hubcap or cover.


Benefits of Wheel Simulators


There are a number of benefits to wheel simulators over all of the other types of wheel coverings that are out there. Here are just a few of the advantages of going this route.


  • You are going to pay less – a lot less. Wheel simulators are priced much, much lower than the rims themselves that sport these sleek, incredible designs. Wheel simulators are even priced lower than most hubcaps and simulators cover the entire wheel.
  • Wheel simulators look incredible. There are so many designs out there that you’ll easily find one that makes your vehicle look terrific.
  • Wheel simulators are easy to install. It takes just minutes to install wheel simulators over the top of your existing wheels.
  • Wheel simulators are made from materials like stainless steel and chrome so they resist rusting and stay looking great for years.
  • There are wheel simulators for every wheel size out there so you’ll have no problem finding some that will fit your vehicle.


Installing Wheel Simulators


Wheel simulators are easy to install. You just fit them over the existing wheel and then secure the simulator with lug nut covers. It takes literally minutes and you don’t even have to jack up your vehicle to install them.