Who is WheelCovers.Com?

We are a family owned and operated business for over 40 years and WheelCovers.Com is just the latest phase of Hubcaps Unlimited which is the name of the Business that we have been founded upon.

Why WheelCovers.Com instead?

Because Hubcaps are known as the smaller center cap portion of a wheel and those are not what are used on over 80% of the vehicles driven today. Wheel Covers are the parts that cover the majority of the wheel / or rim hence the name Wheel Covers. What better name than could be chosen for the leader in the Wheel Cover Industry.


How fast will my package ship?


Most packages are shipped within 24 hours however our standard shipping scenario is pulling and shipping Monday thru Thursday working up to and sometimes in excess of 12 hour days and are out of the office and warehouses Friday thru Sunday.


We have found this to be the most productive based on most people being smart enough to order before "Needing it Yesterday"



You say you are the best price but what about places like ebay and craigslist where I can find it cheaper?

That is a question we are actually asked quite often and we welcome the challenge. Most of the time the same people that ask us about these have never really purchased anything from these places. Most of the sellers on those tend to copy pictures elsewhere on the internet including stealing our own images and trying to misrepresent what they in fact are selling leading to a disaster when the customer receives something other than what was pictured. We are a full Brick and Mortar Business that customers can come and shop if they are local and prefer it over shopping our internet store. This is very important as many so called businesses are not in fact businesses because ebay does not verify or require anyone to truly provide credentials for such claims. While they may have given themselves a big name and such they are sometime no more than a kid in their parents basement selling personal items or drop shipping through some 3rd party pipe dream.

Why would I purchase from WheelCovers.Com over anywhere else?

We are fully aware of others selling wheel covers and while people refer to them as our competition we do not feel we have any. Nobody else to our knowledge is 100% Family Owned and operated and cannot give you the personal commitment we will as we are staking our reputation on each and every sale. Additionally we have been doing it since the 70's and officially in 80's. While others tend to add up the employees years in the company to provide bigger experience numbers we each have 40 years of experience in this industry. Also aside from the usual website our site is built solely for the safety and ease of our customers. We will always provide the Best Service, Best Quality, and Best Prices we can offer. While we may never be the largest we can assure you that we are THE BEST.