What are Chrome Cladded Wheels?

22nd Mar 2023

Chrome cladded wheels are wheels that are either steel or aluminum that have a fascia glued on the face of the wheel. Many manufacturers make these and are usually but not always an inexpensive upgrade on some trim levels of vehicles. The most important thing to know about these wheels is that the wheel is sold as a complete unit and the fascia or cladding is not available separately if you damage or want to change the look of the wheel. Additionally under no circumstance can someone snap a wheel cover, hubcap, wheel simulator, or a wheel skin on or over a chrome cladded wheel. This will not work. Another thing to point out is even if you remove the cladding the said cover will not fit as most wheels are different when they manufacture those that will be cladded. Simply taking off the cladding will not give you wheel that a wheel skin will fit back over.