Chrome Wheel Skins

Posted by Rick Dynek on 22nd Mar 2023

If you want to change the look of your vehicle Wheel Skins are a great way to give your vehicle a new look. Affordable and fun Wheel Skins can add real eye appeal to even the worst of wheels. Wheel skins are not like on old hub-cap a very important distinction as you read on you will be pleasantly surprised.

A few practical applications would be covering damaged or dull finished wheels. Taking a plane wheel and giving it a chrome look without the expensive cost of refinishing wheels. It’s also way more affordable than buying a new set of wheels.
Something as simple as adding wheel skins can enhance the vehicles value by simply making it more eye appealing. It also protects your wheels against curb rash. Much easier to change a wheel skin vs. replacing an entire wheel, so if you’re parking challenged this is a wonderful way to protect your OEM wheels.
One exceptional feature a wheel skin offers is each is specifically built to fit an exact wheel. Wheel skins are not interchangeable from wheel-to-wheel. The tight fitting skin gives the appearance of a true wheel and not a hub cap. Each are made to a specific wheel, therefore it’s important you match the wheel to your new wheel skin. That is the beauty of wheel skins is the exacting fit.
It’s important to note that this is not and old school hub cap. This is a form fitting skin that is designed specifically for your vehicles OEM wheel. Designed for quality and durability you won’t be disappointed and pleasantly surprised at the affordability and durability. Made with high-impact plastics your skins are made to last.

Easy to install the wheel skin snaps in place directly over your wheel. No need for expensive installation. Simply snap it in place and away you go! Check out our huge selection and great prices. Thanks for shopping with us.